Have you updated your name with the Social Security Administration?

Your name must be changed through Social Security before you change your name on your driver license.

When you apply for a new DL/ID card using your new name, the first thing MVD will do is verify your information with Social Security.

If your name or date of birth on your Social Security record does not match your MVD record, your application will be denied.

Do I have to request the name change in person?

Yes. To request a name change, you must schedule an in-person appointment at an MVD Driver Exam Station.

What documents should I bring to my appointment?

  1. Proof of Who You Are. This is most likely your Driver License. Another document can be used from the Primary Document list as long as it has the same name as your current DL.
  2. Proof of the Name Change. A certified copy of a document showing how/why your name changed. This can be any of the following documents:
    • A marriage certificate from the issuing government jurisdiction
    • A decree or judgment granting a name change from a court of competent jurisdiction
    • A divorce decree or dissolution of marriage specifying change of name
    • A U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), certificate of naturalization (form N-550, N-570) issued to the applicant
    • A declaration of marriage filed with the district court clerk where the declaration was made

Will I automatically get a new Driver License?

Is there a limit on how long my name can be?

Can I use my title?

Can I use hyphens in my name?