License Expiration Exemption

As an active-duty service members, you may apply for a military driver license exemption. This exemption renders your license valid up to 90 days post honorable discharge, regardless of the expiration date printed on the license. Your credential will have an expiration date printed on the front of the license. A notation of the 90-day exemption will still appear on the back of the license. There will be a code added to your license and driving record to indicate a military exempt status. 

Family members who are stationed with service members are not eligible for a license expiration exemption, however, they are eligible for up to 2 consecutive mail-in renewals or license replacement by mail.

To apply for a license expiration exemption, you will need to:

  1. Download, fill out, and submit Military Exempt Status (34-1303) to the address indicated on the form
  2. Submit a copy of your current driver license OR birth certificate OR US passport
  3. Submit a copy of military orders OR leave and earning statement

Motorcycle Endorsement

If you are an active duty service members stationed outside of Montana, you may apply to have a motorcycle endorsement added to your driver license without completing a road skills test at a Montana driver license station. You must satisfy the requirements outlined below.

To apply for a motorcycle endorsement, you will need to:

  1. Contact MVD at [email protected] or (406) 444-3933
  2. Submit Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Application (21-1304) certifying completion of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course
  3. Pass the Montana motorcycle written test under the supervision of an approved test proctor