I moved to MT. It's time to transfer my license.

If you have a valid out-of-state license and want to obtain a Montana Non-Commercial Driver License you must start the application process within 60 days of moving to the state.

In order to avoid testing, please bring a hard copy of your valid out-of-state license. You will need to apply in person - schedule an appointment today.

PSSSST! Do you have an out-of-state Commercial Driver License??
You have even less time - 30 DAYS - better get on it.

Learn how to Transfer your Out-of-State CDL

What will I need to bring?

Medical and Eye Evaluations

A driver’s health or vision may require evaluation by a physician before a driver license can be issued or renewed. If you have a medical condition or changes to your vision that could affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, please submit a completed Driver Medical Evaluation (20-1900) and/or Eye Evaluation (20-1801) signed by your physician or provider.